20 Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Antarctica

20 Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Antarctica


20 Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Antarctica



20 Facts You Never Knew About Antarctica

#1. You cannot work in Antarctica unless your wisdom teeth and appendix are removed.

#2. Antarctica is also the world’s driest place.

#3. Antarctica has its own  domain .aq

ellsworth-mountain-range-1245339_960_720#4.Antarctica (technically) contains every timezone on the planet. 

#5. Metallica played a gig in Antarctica called Freeze ‘Em All

#6. There used to be a nuclear power station in Antarctica.

#7. There is a Fire Department on Antarctica.

#8. There are 1150 different species of fungi identified to survive in Antarctica.

#9. 53 million years ago, palm trees were growing along its shores.

polar-bear-1096468_960_720#10. There are no polar bears living in Antarctica, they live in Arctica.

#11. There is a bar in Antarctica. It is the world’s southernmost bar.

#12. July 21, 1983 was the coldest day ever recorded in Antarctica -89.2 C.

#13. Antarctica is the fifth largest continent, it’s bigger than Europe and Australia.


#14. 99% of Antarctica is covered by ice.

#15. Antarctica holds approximately 70% of all fresh water on Earth.

#16. The Transantarctic Mountains of Antarctica divide the continent into East and West sections.

#17. The existence of Antarctica was completely unknown until 1820, it was considered to be just a group of islands.

#18. Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen was the first human to reach the South Pole on December 14, 1911.

#19. After secret negotiations twelve countries signed the Treaty to dedicate the continent to peaceful activities.


#20. In January 1979 Emilio Palma was the first child born in Antarctica.

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