5 People Who Live In A Ski Town But Don't Ski

5 People Who Live In A Ski Town But Don't Ski


5 People Who Live In A Ski Town But Don't Ski


Every ski town has its very own cast of characters. From ski bums to weekend warriors, ski towns personalities normally have one unifying passion– skiing. However, sometimes you find a fish out of water– someone who lives in a ski town but doesn’t schuss. It’s downright bizarre but somehow these 5 people find themselves in ski towns. But alas– These people don’t care to shred. Weird.

Here are the 5 People Who Live In A Ski Town But Don’t Ski

5) The Southerner

The Southerner came up for the summer, raft trips, and fireball shots. Skiing was the last thing on this person’s mind until his/her ski bum contemporaries started locking up jobs at the base area for winter. Meanwhile the Southerner locks up a job in town, away from the skiing shenanigans of the base area. Ultimately, the Southerner is forced to work at a motel far from the slopes with a 70 year-old senile woman who keeps asking, “why did you move here if you don’t ski?”

4) The Jaded Local

This crusty the clown is over it. He’s seen and done it all and the only way this fellow can grab thrills in a ski town is to take multiple shots of Jameson and then try to figure out how he ended up on the couch the next morning.

3) The Snowmobiler


After three ACL surgeries, the Snowmobiler swapped out his Patagonia jacket and pants for KLIM outerwear. Skiing is now too hard on the body, so he’s swapped skis for sleds and aprés for tailgates.

2) The Workaholic


Photo Credit: Alta Twitter Page

This person lives in a ski town but refuses to ski. Instead, they work nonstop. Whether they’re paying off student loans or supporting a substance abuse problem, all we can surmise is that they’re not spending any of their hard earned money on skiing and even if they could they wouldn’t spend their day off skiing. When asked as to why they don’t want to go skiing they’ll say, “I’ve worked all week, I just want to chill on my one day off.” Weird…

1) The Winter Fisherman

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 11.07.14 AM

I absolutely hate this one. These people are standing in some freezing cold river, shaking ice off their line, and catching few if any fish. It’s winter and winter is a time to ski. Although I respect the resilience of such headstrong idiocy, I cringe every time I hear, “it’s the tug that’s the drug.” 

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