The Beehive State — Craig Gordon is one of a kind. For many years, he has been the source for avalanche forecasts in Utah. Originally from New Jersey, Craig moved out west and became a ski bum in Utah. Fast-forward to today, and he’s one of the most important people in Utah’s ski industry.

In the latest episode of Alpha Coffee’s Grounds for Good video series, they profile Craig Gordon. The video breaks down Craig’s background, his daily grind, and why he chose a career in avalanche forecasting.

Video Description: “Meet Craig Gordon, an avalanche forecaster and snow safety enthusiast. Following a trip to Utah with a ski group from New Jersey, Craig knew that his destiny was to be living with the greatest snow on earth. After years working as a ski patrol, Craig eventually found himself with the Utah Avalanche Center working to deliver on their mission of keeping people on top of the snow. Along with a team of dedicated avalanche professionals, Craig has been working tirelessly to build relationships in the communities that surround the Wasatch and Uinta mountains to further educate backcountry skiers how to safely recreate and respect the snow. Learn more about Craig’s journey in the latest video from our Grounds for Good series.

Alpha Coffee’s partnership with the Utah Avalanche Center is one that we cherish. With our flagship coffee shop located at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon, we are personally vested in the outdoor community that lives in and around us. We value partners like the UAC who are working to make sure that we can all enjoy the outdoor spaces we love in a way that is safe and responsible.

Through our Grounds for Good program, we strive to make a tangible difference in the lives of veterans, the planet, and local communities. We firmly believe that by supporting organizations, like the Utah Avalanche Center, that are dedicated to these causes, we can help foster communities that create lasting positive change.

Learn more about our Grounds for Good program at….”

Image/Video Credits: Alpha Coffee

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