The Top 10 Phrases Used At SIA 2016

The Top 10 Phrases Used At SIA 2016


The Top 10 Phrases Used At SIA 2016


Since Thursday, Unofficial Networks has been posted up at SIA looking over the latest and greatest snow sports gear to grace the Colorado Convention Center since last year. So after flexing a million and one pairs of skis, putting on some awesome full face helmets, and scheming our way into as many pairs of ski socks and sticks of wax as absolutely possible, we noticed a unifying language that separates SIA from any other place on earth.

Here are top 10 phrases you’ll hear at SIA 2016

10) “It’s more of your daily driver kinda ski”


The Pro Rider is back…

Every sales rep has their daily driver. Whether that ski is 80mm underfoot (Stockli) or 120mm (DPS), ‘daily driver’ is a relative term.

9) “The design is ergononmic by nature”

Note: ergonomic pole grips make you shred way harder.

8) “The carbon tip reduces swing weight”

Do you like to throw triple daffy’s? This carbon tip and tail ski is perfect for you.

5) “Because -(fill in pro skier here)- designed the ski to ride better switch”

The Pescado isn't made to ski backwards but it does look pretty sick...

The Pescado isn’t made to ski backwards but it was designed by pro skier, Eric Pollard.

Do you ski backwards more than you do forwards? This ski is for you.

6) “It’s got a half-cap construction to reduce weight”

Let’s be honest, we’re saving on manufacturing costs here…

4) “Stop by our booth for a beer around 4:30”

Everyone @siasnowsports starts drinking around noon anyways.

3) “It’s all completely integrated”


Top pick? See more @KaskHelmets

Helmets with built-in goggles? Yes, please.

2) “Say what’s up and have a beer with us around “5:30”

See above.

1) “Was that you shredding under KT-22 last week?”

Why yes– yes it was.

Unofficial’s Top 5 Skis @SiaSnowSports coming soon…

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