#KBYG: Avalanches Claim Lives In Montana and Norway Over The Weekend

#KBYG: Avalanches Claim Lives In Montana and Norway Over The Weekend


#KBYG: Avalanches Claim Lives In Montana and Norway Over The Weekend


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Svalbard Avalanche Crown

This year’s snowpack is straight up scary.

So far three people in North America have passed away as the result of avalanches and with another skier missing on Snoqualmie Pass, backcountry skiers and riders across the west should be utilizing conservative decision-making more than ever.

Always #KBYG

We will continue to keep you updated as details are released concerning the following avalanches. 

Svalbard Avalanche

In Svalbard, Norway an avalanche claimed two lives and left 8 others injured after 60 mph winds and periods of snow battered the arctic, seaside town.

Reports indicate that the avalanche had the power to flip houses off their foundations.

So far the two fatalities have yet to be identified but according to BCC News, one of the victims was a middle-aged teacher and the other was a child. 40 other houses were evacuated after the avalanche occurred and local officials claim they have accounted for all Svalbard residents.

Cooke City Avalanche

Sheep Mountain Avalanche Crown | Photo Credit: GNFAC

Sheep Mountain Avalanche Crown | Photo Credit: GNFAC

Over the weekend, a snowmobiler was killed just north of Cooke City in the Sheep Mountain zone. He was just one of three people buried by the avalanche. An avalanche warning was in effect at the time of the incident.

Incident Report from Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center:

“The GNFAC is sad to report that a snowmobiler from North Dakota died in an avalanche yesterday outside of Cooke City. The avalanche occurred on the SE face of Sheep Mountain between Lulu Pass and Round Lake. The slide was triggered by the victim who was buried six feet deep under his sled. The victim had an airbag but was unable to deploy it. The slide also caught two other party members who were parked in the run out zone. One was buried to his chest while the other was completely buried. They both deployed their air bags and escaped relatively unharmed. Our deepest condolences go out to the victim’s family and friends.”- Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center

Our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family members of those who perished in avalanches over the weekend.

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