The 5 Worst Ski Bum Jobs

The 5 Worst Ski Bum Jobs


The 5 Worst Ski Bum Jobs


1910237_10762330486_9567_nPhoto by Joe Willis via former Jackson Hole Bus Driver Evan Pitman Facebook Page

5) Dishwasher

First off, this job may require you work 4 more jobs because the pay is absolute malarky. Getting paid $7.25/hour to wash petrified chili out of hundreds of resort bowls is not only inhumane, it’s downright fascist. However, what keeps this job from being at the bottom are the frequent ski breaks and obligatory ski pass the resort gives you in exchange for indentured labor. So wash that dish you bum!

4) Bellboy

True story. A certain famous figure who once played alongside a certain famous wookie in a certain famous sci-fi flick tipped a bellboy the change in his pocket after said buddy hauled over 20 bags up to his room and neatly placed them in the four rooms reserved in his name. And guess what? There aren’t many ATM’s in base areas so get used to meager tips bellboy. It’s going to be like this all winter.

3) Ski Schooler for Children Under 5.

This one pretty much explains itself. What is the one thing children under five can’t do…?

If you answered ski, you’re wrong. Many children under the age of 5 can rip groomers all day. However, controlling their bowels is another thing. So get ready to get wrist deep in some serious doody. It’s gonna be a long winter. Just ask Dexter Rutecki.

2) Bowl Patrol

This one could be #1 but since you have ski breaks and get to ski around the mountain without much supervision, it’s #2. Yet, with all the added skiing, Bowl Patrol not only gets wrist deep in serious doody (see #2), they get shoulder deep in certain situations… And I’m not talking about the pow. So as you rip powder from bowl to bowl (no pun intended), your end of the day duties will always leave a bad taste in your nose (pun intended).

1) Bus Driver

The pay usually rocks, bus drivers get benefits, and you go to and from the ski hill all day with amazing views. So why the hell is this job the worst job at a ski resort. I’ll tell you why. Drunk ski bums plain and simple. From vomit covering the back of the bus, to assholes trying to light up in the back, and all the way to driving in the most treacherous places in the country, being a bus driver blows. Plain and simple. Also, in some towns the buses are owned by the town or county so a ski pass is out of the question… Bottomline, never get this job or so help you God, you’ll be back in Massachusetts and skiing Okemo before you know it.

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