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As Donald Trump spouts off about returning the name of North America’s highest peak back to Mt. McKinley, President Barack Obama is raising awareness about how climate change is affecting the USA’s most northern state.

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However, few would have ever imagined that this most recent trip to Alaska would also feature an appearance on prime time television with adventure and survival specialist Bear Grylls. That’s right; Obama is about to get a crash course in wilderness survival from the Bear himself.

Throughout the trip, the President will travel over the receding Exit glacier in the Kenai mountains.

In addition to traveling through this iconic mountain range, the @POTUS will speak with salmon fisherman whose industry is facing challenges from climate change as well as coastal villagers who are in danger of becoming swamped by rising coastal waters.

According to a statement from NBC, “Obama will meet with Grylls while visiting Alaska to observe the effects of climate change on the area. The two will then come together in the Alaskan wilderness.”

The appearance is part of what has already been a push to expose the realtime effects of climate change.

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