Britek Reinvented the Mountain Bike Wheel

Britek Reinvented the Mountain Bike Wheel


Britek Reinvented the Mountain Bike Wheel


“The 140 year old Pneumatic Tire has run it’s course.”- Britek Company Website

Britek 1

Okay, so maybe they didn’t reinvent the wheel but they did redesign it. Tire and rubber manufacturer, Britek claims that their Energy Return Wheel or ERW has the ability to replace all tires that rely on air for travel. Instead, the company out of Littleton, Colorado invented a wheel with built-in suspension and no air whatsoever. They also claim that the “High Speed Airless” is “the most efficient bicycle wheel you can purchase.”

Personally, I don’t trust anyone wearing FILA sneakers past 1999 (0:20 in) but who am I to judge. Maybe the folks at Britek are onto something. Seriously though, is there anything worse than blowing a tube in the middle of a mountain bike ride and finding out your friend snagged your spare in order to get his town cruiser up and running?

No there is not.

BritekSo keep up the good work Britek, I’ll try out your ERW system whenever and wherever… Say Teton Pass on Saturday around noon?

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