Finally! Big snowfall forecast for the Alps this weekend.

Finally! Big snowfall forecast for the Alps this weekend.


Finally! Big snowfall forecast for the Alps this weekend.


11522-w640The Alps are off to the most terrible start to a season in a decade. The snow has simply not been flying but a big storm is set to roll in over the weekend. Here is an update on the storm from

“Boom, there it is! The very first northwest Stau of winter 14-15 is in the making. Although we have already had some snow from that direction, but never as significant as it will be right now. But man, did we have to wait long for that dump or what? First the Southern Alps, then the Southern Alps again, then Norway and finally the northwest of the Alps.

A low pressure area still without a name (it will probably be called Hiltrud or Indira) is moving from the north of Scotland to the southeast. This opens the door to cold air from the north and with a northwest current ice cold air is send to the western Alps central, the western Alps north, the northern Alps west and the northern Alps central.

Stormdepression ready to rock ‘n roll

And this storm will not only bring snow to the northwestern parts of the Alps. It will even snow in the lower parts of The Netherlands (do they have higher parts anyway?), Belgium, Germany and France. Sad news for the people who are on holiday in the Alps right now, because not only they had not that much or even no snow, the trip home on Saturday will be an adventure with fresh snow on the roads. It will probably snow in the The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg in the morning and this will expand into France and the southwest of Germany. Something to keep in mind when planning your trip to and from the Alps if you live in those countries.” Keep Reading at

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