How does Mike Douglas NOT have a Wikipedia Page?

How does Mike Douglas NOT have a Wikipedia Page?


How does Mike Douglas NOT have a Wikipedia Page?



It turns out that the “Godfather of freeskiing”, Mike Douglas, does not yet have a wikipedia page. How is this possible? We know that Wikipedia is not the end-all and be-all of human knowledge but come on, Mike Douglas has done more to make Freeskiing what it is today than just about anyone.

Not only is Mike D. one of the greatest skiers alive, he invented the D-Spin, helped invent the first twin-tips and puts out some of the best ski content with his company Switchback Entertainment.

“Mike Douglas, aka the Godfather of freesking, has impacted the sport like nobody else. Douglas grew up skiing moguls and was a member of the New Canadian Air Force. He is credited with helping to create the first ever twin tip ski, which eventually became the Salomon 1080. Today you’ll find Mike creating the massively popular web series Salomon Freeski TV with his company Switchback Entertainment. The industry is forever indebted to Mike Douglas and all that he’s done for us.” –

We known someone in the Unofficial community has the pull to make this happen. So, for the love of god, can we get this man a Wiki page!

Here, you can pull some info from this Friday Interview: Mike Douglas

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