Powder Alert: More Snow For The Alps

Powder Alert: More Snow For The Alps


Powder Alert: More Snow For The Alps


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WePowder brings us this report on the latest winter storm to hit the Alps.

“I was already writing on Monday ‘But a Genua-low has the tradition the shift back and forth before it reaches its exact location‘. Sometimes, weather models have a lot in common with stock exchanges and then it’s a good decision to just see what will happen. The weather models are more consistent right now, so hereby a forecast. More details tomorrow.

This is the scenario: a new low pressure area is passing on Friday from the west of the Alps. You can expect lots of snow in the French Alps and the west of Switzerland. This snowfall will expand to the southern Alps in the night from Friday to Saturday. More snow from the northwest from Grenoble to Dachstein on Sunday. It’s hard to predict the centimeters, but I see a scenario happing where it will snow in the entire Alps.” – Read More @ WePowder 

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