Crested Butte Submits New Master Development Plan

Crested Butte Submits New Master Development Plan


Crested Butte Submits New Master Development Plan


Crested Butte Mountain Resort has submitted its new 2012 Master Development Plan to the U.S. Forest Service for review and acceptance. The plans main goal is to attract and retain destination visitors to the area. The process can be expected to take a minimum of two years.



  • Upgrading and relocating the North Face surface lift to a fixed-grip triple chairlift.
  • Relocating Gold Link lift to a new lower area and upgrading it to a detachable quad.
  • Red Lady Lift to be upgraded to a 2,400 person per hour capacity via additional chairs on the cable.
  • The Painter Boy Lift upgraded to a detachable quad.
  • Teocalli Lift to be realigned/extended to the west so that its upper terminal is located adjacent to the top terminal of the Red Lady Express and the future Red Lady Lodge. The MDP seeks approval to upgrade the lift to a fixed-grip or detachable quad.


  • At build-out, CBMR would have 101 trails at 771 acres, which is a 21% increase in developed ski acreage.
  • The upgrading plan also adds over 300 acres of undeveloped terrain in the Teo 2 Bowl, Teo Park and Teo Drainage.
  • Snodgrass Mountain will be tested for low impact backcountry or Cat accessed skiing. (CBMR has abandoned earlier plans to try to install lift service on Snodgrass Mountain.)
  • Snowmaking coverage expanded from 297 acres to 378 acres.

Summer Trails

  • 20 miles of biking trails are planned for the Main Mountain and will utilize the operating Red Lady and Silver Queen lifts.
  • 5 miles of new hiking trails are also planned on the Main Mountain.
  • 12 miles of biking/hiking/riding trails are planned for Snodgrass Mountain.


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