What is it like to take part in Intersection? Its more fun then it sounds. What the @#$# is Intersection? | Unofficial Networks

What the @#$# is Intersection?

What the @#$# is Intersection?


What the @#$# is Intersection?


Wet everything, sore muscles, crashed sleds, worn out gear, broken bones, broken boards, dead batteries, Missing memory cards, big helicopters, small helicopters, hard jumps, death cookies, rails, wall rides, hard bails, harder slams, BASE jumps, high fives and a race against the competition that was sending it everywhere you went. I remembered Intersection being hard last year, but this time around, with semi legit snow conditions and limited light it was even harder.

Intersection is an event that puts 6 film crews and their riders head to head to create the best edit they can in a 7 day period. Edits must have skiers and snowboarders, and take place within 100 km’s of whistler.

Each crew had their own approach and the competition was head to head. Massive sled jumps, helicopters and awesome tree riding from Nuulife, Kung fu inspired chase scenes from Heart Films, Probably the best Whistler park edit of the year from Footy Fiend, MASSIVE double corks from Capri Studios, Big Mountain heli lines, split board antics and doubles from Family Tree and an Art of Flight parody from Voleurz made the choice incredibly tough for the judges. In the end, Voleurz retained the title and we took the $15,000 oversized cheque straight to the Longhorn.

I had fun, but damn it felt good to nap on the couch today…

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