A new Timeline episode from Xavier de le Rue, Tero Repo, and Guido Perrini is up! This one is a spotlight on Tero Repo, the still photographer in the Timeline crew. Tero might be the most productive ski and snowboard photographer in the business right now, as it seems that his shots are in every magazine and advertisement I’ve seen this year. His photos are beautiful and unique, and tend to be characterized by big mountains and wide framing. A few months back, Tero shared a collection of his favorite photos over the past few years with Unofficial.

Jeremy Jones.
Tero Repo shooting Jeremy Jones in Antarctica.

If you haven’t heard of the Swatch Timeline Missions, you can find more from this season and last on their website. This is the second season they have been running, and they essentially summarize portions of Xavier de le Rue’s season. Xavier might be the most exciting snowboarder out there right now, and these videos are some of the most entertaining ski porn on the internet.

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