Just about every warm blooded American that didn’t have some sort of work related excuse was watching the Super Bowl last Sunday night. Anyone who stayed in the room to watch the halftime show saw Andy Lewis bouncing the sh!t out of the slackline right next to the lovely Madonna. After so much concern about the health of Andy’s balls from the repeated beating they take in his chosen line of work he has made this video to show how he trains for the abuse he takes.

I am going to argue that Andy Lewis is the closest thing that we have to the late great Shane McConkey in the action sports world today. Here are my reasons, feel free to add some or disagree.

1) Andy Lewis is having fun everyday doing things that other people are too scared to do. Just like Shane.

2) Andy entertains us simply by entertaining himself. Also, just like Shane. 

3) He has a goofy sense of humor and is not shy about showing it to the world. Shane to the max!

4) He is taking an obscure sport and almost single handedly putting it on the mainstream map. Thank you Shane! Without you I wouldn’t have a sport to be a part of or a job writing about that sport.

5) His level of energy and ability to self promote are inhuman. The combination of these traits are rare, Shane and Andy each have both.

6) Watch the video above and tell me you don’t think of Shane doing something  just like it.

Another Video of Andy Lewis doing what only he does:

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