There is more snow on the way for the Northeast Ski Resorts as the snowpack starts to build this week. More Snow on The Way for the Northeast | Unofficial Networks

More Snow on The Way for the Northeast

More Snow on The Way for the Northeast


More Snow on The Way for the Northeast


This time we may get the snow further South.  Over the past couple of weeks the storms have been aimed mostly at Northern Vermont with rain or dry weather further South.  It seems like Stowe has picked up a couple of inches everyday this past week with 14 inches now over the past 7 days and 18 inches of natural base up top.  There is another weak system pushing through Northern VT tonight into Tuesday morning that could bring a dusting to a couple of inches to the mountains.

The question is when will the big storms come and when will it snow over more of the Northeast?  There are still now big storms in the forecast over the next week but there is a moderate sized storm possible for Thursday and Friday.  The forecast a few days ago had the storm coming up inland of the coast and bringing rain, but over the past 24 hours the track has shifted off the coast with the storm being colder.  That also means less precip but at least it should be all snow across the mountains of NY, VT, NH, & ME.

The first part of the storm moving up through Thursday should bring a few inches and then a secondary low coming across the lakes and into the Northeast on Friday should bring several more inches.  Here is the total precip map through Friday.


The lighter blue shows a half to three quarters of an inch of liquid which would bring round 6-9 inches to the mountains.  The forecast models differ on the rain snow like but it should be somewhere around massachusettes across to the Poconos so it should be mostly all snow for the mountains.

After this storm it looks like lots of cold with highs in the teens through the weekend.  It looks like some weaker storms could roll through Monday-Wednesday next week.  Then maybe some stronger storms the following weekend.  Here is the current snowcover map.

and here is a week from now….

Snowcover not only increases in the mountains of New England, but also over a large portion of the East.  This will help in building the cold as well over the East so the next big coastal storm will have a better chance of being a snow event for the Northeast.  BA

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