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Mount Ashland, OR

Mount Ashland announced on Monday that it will be closing due to a major lack of snow and a warm and dry forecast.

“Mt. Ashland is temporarily closing until the ski area receives enough snow to be able to reopen the ski slopes. Only four inches of snow fell at the ski area during an unusually warm and dry December that affected the entire western region of the U.S..” – Mount Ashland

This is very harsh indicator of what is happening to many ski resorts in the Western USA.  Mount Ashland got 4 inches of snow in December along with nasty high temperatures.  This is exactly what has happened at many resorts throughout California, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming.  Snowpacks are thin, temperatures are high, and skier visits are down.

closed mount ashland
Mount Ashland webcam today at 10:39am

Ski resorts are struggling to make ends meet and “rainy day funds” are being maxed out.  Many resorts missed out on big incomes that usually come with holiday skier visits that didn’t happen this year.  The busiest time of year was completely dead this season.

Unfortunately, with dry forecasts bringing temperatures in the 50s for the next 10 days, Mount Ashland won’t be the last ski resort we see close this January.

Mount Ashland:

– Snowpack of 16-28”

– Total snowfall this season = 53”

– Current temperature is 44 F at 10:41am

– 7 Day Forecast = highs in the 50s lows in the 30s and no snow


The warm and dry forecast made the decision to close that much easier.  They plan to reopen once they get some good snowstorms.

“Mt. Ashland is temporarily closed until we receive additional, sufficient snowfall to reopen our ski slopes. One good storm and we’re back in business, so stay positive and think snow.” – Mount Ashland

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