Took a long weekend trip to Orange County California to a quick surf trip. Not to many waves but some amazing sunsets. Cali Swag | Orange County Surf & Sunset Photos | Unofficial Networks

Cali Swag | Orange County Surf & Sunset Photos

Cali Swag | Orange County Surf & Sunset Photos


Cali Swag | Orange County Surf & Sunset Photos


Since its’ the off season in Whistler I decided to take a quick trip down to California for a bit of sun, some surfing, and cheap beer (compared to Canada).  I was stoked because I found a return flight out of Vancouver (YVR) direct to LA , (LAX) for less then $300…why not right.  I took a long weekend off work, packed a camera and some shorts and hopped on a plane.

The beaches around sunset were pretty empty because it was starting to get a bit colder but the water was still way warmer then Tofino so I was stoked.

The sunset surf session at Blackies on Newport Beach was beautiful however decent waves were few and far between…but you know what they say, the worst day surfing is better then the best day working.

This beautiful machine was in the parking lot when we rolled up.  I think this car is the definition of “Living the dream” God I want one.

The swell was very small all weekend so we took what we could get, lucky the sunset was awesome so it was worth hanging around.

From the beach you could see Catalina Island off in the distance, apparently a lot of the time the smog is to thick to see it.

Although the waves were small there was still quite a few people out enjoying them, this is carving up a baby wave.

The sunset was getting pretty intense so we headed down the road to take some pictures at The Wedge, another pretty famous surf spot at the end of the Newport Beach peninsula.

The later it got the better the sunset got!

Last one I promises, it was just to cool to not take pictures of.  Overall although there was really little to no surf all weekend it was still a nice little break.  It was nice to get back into flip flops and shorts and go splash around in the water.  Now back to real life rain, work and praying for snow!

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