To borrow the words of  Athan Merrick, owner/director/editor/and floor sweeper of Dendrite Studios:

“Heliskiing is the pinnacle of our sport whether you are a recreational skier, a racer, a jibber, or a full fledged pro. It is a bucket list item for everyone who has ever strapped two sticks to their feet.”

I can’t agree more…I’ve only been heli skiing once and I can’t compare it to anything I’ve ever done. I guess if i was a crackhead I could compare it to crack-cocaine…but I’m not…So I guess heli skiing is my crack. This video is awesome, watch these guys ski perfect pillows and AK-lookalike runs, get jealous as they shred all day then go back to the lodge and get served gourmet food. Read the Dendrite Studios blog Post about THL Heli Skiing with Epic Planks and get more envious when they describe their THL trip in detail . Sounds like the Good Life.

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-Also if you haven’t seen Dendrite’s award winning movie Out of the Shadows I suggest you download the flick ASAP. It’s really cool because just like you and I the masterminds behind Dendrite Studios are also starving ski bums and have thoughtfully made Out of the Shadows available online at a “pay what you want rate”. Cool eh! But if you’re feeling frisky, maybe you just won the lottery, or you have your dad’s credit card why not donate a little more… Trust me, it will be worth it when next years movie premiers!

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