On Wednesday, three hikers in Yosemite National Park fell into the Merced River and were shortly after presumed dead after being swept over the 317 foot Vernal Falls.

Reportedly, the three Californians, Hormiz David, Ramina Badal and Ninos Yacoub ignored warning signs and jumped the railings that separated people from the water. When the woman slipped in, the two me then fell into the water trying to save her. A part of a church group that was there on a day trip, the three were said not to be the type to take risks. Badal’s sister was present at the top of the falls during the incident as well as their church pastor.

The 200% of average snowfall this winter has increased the amount of water flowing through the Yosemite Valley. The total number of casualties from rivers this summer is now at 6, Yosemite spokesman Scott Gediman assures the public that the railings and signs are adequate warnings for visitors. He says that visitors must use their best judgment when it comes to hiking in these dangerous areas.

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