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Nice weather, dry trails, lots of flow, an almost perfect day.  More on why it was an almost perfect day later.  Yesterday I got to do  a 3 hour romp from the town of Stowe up to Sterling Valley. Sterling Valley is a valley northwest of the stowe, with a ton of great MTB trails in it.  We climbed up via Tony’s/Tamarack then followed Maple Run to the start of the singletrack.

Sterling Valley on what can be described as a naturally High Def day.

Country Roads taking us to some pretty amazing trails and views

At the end of Maple Run we hit the singletrack, and I hit the GROUND hard as my singlespeed’s chain after a 1000s of mile of abuse from my thighs decided to snap in way I or most bikers have not seen before. Just call me “Iron legs matta”

broken at the link?! its usually the pin where it splits.

Great view of Stowe, and the new quad going in. you can also the infamous cancer chutes on the nose.

We then found some more EWOK looking trail on our decent from the top.

and some fun vermont GRIProck

. Lauren’s though is just a trail that MTBing is about, built prior to IMBAizations its got chunky rocks, roots mixed with flowly sections on a trail that not many people ride. A Sterling Valley Trail map can be found here. We did not ride it all but its all pretty good.

no pictures of riding on Lauren’s Loop but some cool fungi



not a side of Mansifield you see to often

more people riding these trails might not be a bad thing. There might actually be a trail in some spots again…

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