There’s nothing better than a good night’s sleep and, likewise, there’s nothing worse than an uncomfortable one- particularly when you’re backpacking. A lot of us have been there- settling into a night’s sleep after an exhausting day only to wake up at 3AM to a partially deflated air pad. It sucks. Either you suffer the rest of the night in a sort of air “taco” or you wake up and huff and puff for a few minutes, perhaps only to be awoken up when it happens again. It’s not good for you, or your tent-mate’s for that matter. If you’re over this kind of rest in the back country, treat yourself to a Big Agnes Sleeping Pad. They’re compact, they’re durable, and- most importantly- they’re comfortable. Plus, at a mere $40, it’s not exactly a bank-breaker, even for the most frugal pine tramps out there. Perhaps the one downside is that the pad isn’t the easiest to deflate, making stuffing it in the provided stuff sack a bit more difficult. But with a little practice, you’ll get it.