Jake Cohn and Andrew Strain did a few laps and shot a few photos on Disease Ridge. There is still great snow up there. Truly the Endless Winter! Skiing Disease Ridge and a Dumb Human! | Unofficial Networks

Skiing Disease Ridge and a Dumb Human!

Skiing Disease Ridge and a Dumb Human!


Skiing Disease Ridge and a Dumb Human!


Wow, what a day! Andrew Strain, Eric Poulin and Jake Cohn decide to do some laps on Disease ridge (Blackcomb Sidecountry). There are some really sick lines on Disease Ridge and with perfect light one can produce some great photos. Poulin’s photo is banger and can’t be put online but check out the photo of Jake for evidence of how good the snow is! This is really the endless winter on Whistler Blackcomb!


We left Disease Ridge around 3:45 and on the way out saw a dumb-human hiking this cliff. His boot pack is directly under a large overhanging cornice that has been baking in the sun all afternoon. This was his third lap up his boot pack. So buddy I know 180’s off cliffs make you feel like Pep but hike around next time and avoid death. Like a fat woman baking in the sun Cornices heat up and gain weight, however unlike the fat chick on the beach cornices break. Please be smart out there guys. People have already died this spring because of warm slides and all deaths took place  in the afternoon (see article HERE). Make sure you travel smart and check the daytime high temperature before going into the backcountry. Stuff is warming up and starting to move…


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