Last night Unofficial Networks received an email by a man calling himself Andy Bernard who wanted to make a public response to Thoughts on the Piece titled “Resorting to Madness" an editorial response to an earlier post Resorting to Madness | KSL in Squaw Valley. Both articles address the newly formed Squaw Passholders United (SPU). Read More... Response to response to Resorting to Madness | Unofficial Networks

Response to response to Resorting to Madness

Response to response to Resorting to Madness


Response to response to Resorting to Madness


Last night Unofficial Networks received an email by a man calling himself Andy Bernard who wanted to make a public response to Thoughts on the Piece titled “Resorting to Madness” an editorial response to an earlier post Resorting to Madness | KSL in Squaw Valley. Both articles address the newly formed Squaw Passholders United (SPU).

(The ideas expressed in this email do not reflect the opinions that of Unofficial Networks or SPU)

Mr. Schruite,

Thank you for your enlightening response to “Resorting to Madness”.  You have without a shadow of a doubt proved what a spineless waste of space you are.  Your approach of “dude that sounds hard so let’s just give up” is indicative of your Northern California upbringing.  The fact of the matter is KSL is a powerful real estate firm with luxury properties in Palm Springs, Arizona, and the Bay Area, these properties are in a word, revolting.  The thought of any future development at Squaw Valley reminiscent of the Hotel del Coronado is too much for many Squaw Valley skiers to bare.  We apologize for being concerned when a real estate development takes the helm of our home mountain.  Read more…

Oh, and thanks for mentioning you grew up skiing at Squaw Valley, whoop-de-fucking-doo, should we get you a medal?  Maybe we should rename something in the Palisades after you, oh wait that right is only reserved for those that earned it, and you clearly haven’t earned yourself a thing besides insidious self-loathing.  In regards to your comment “the guy(s) who moved here from the east coast within the past two years and will probably be gone in the same amount of time” I resemble, I mean resent that remark.  First let’s go over some geographical terms because I know this can be difficult for those with a California education.   Merriam-Webster defines the word coast as, “the land near shore: SEASHORE.” By that logic a person from say Michigan, Wisconsin, or Minnesota is not an “east coaster” they hail from the Midwest.  I know that’s a tricky one.  Further, us east coaster’s acknowledge we are intolerable to be around if the Red Sox or Patriots are on at the bar, the other 90 percent of the time we are usually quite pleasant to be around, and are especially happy when skiing or drinking or both.  But here’s a shocker; at least we come from a place where it snows, and we can use a shovel for purposes other than leaning on.  The fact is we move out to North Lake Tahoe, we clog up your lift lines, do your manual labor, buy your weed, and hurt your feelings for calling you out for being a pussy, and laugh at you because you become aroused at the mention of carbon fiber road bike frames.  Oh, and we slept with your girlfriend too, and not when you were on a break. Newsflash: east coasters dominate every discipline of snow sports.  Jeremy Jones learned to snowboard on a golf course in Cape Cod (that’s Massachusetts btw), and the Gaffney’s learned to ski at Hunter Mountain New York, and those dudes are f*cking legit in case you missed it.

But its cool Dwight keep your shiny new Lincecum jersey on and take a pull off your double shot latte.  Unfortunately I do have to inform you that two years of living in your parents “cabin” free of rent does not constitute “ski bumming”, nor does finally having to find you own place after your parents give you the boot in hopes you’ll finally make something of yourself like your sister.  But it’s OK; you can always rent a “cabin” from one of your UC Davis bro’s parents in TD, for reasonable rent too.

The video in question asks some serious questions about over development of the American West chiefly ski resorts, which at one time were referred to as “ski areas” back when the main product provided was skiing, not boutique shopping and chic ski in ski out condos.  In short many of us don’t want Squaw effed up any more than it already is, and we’d like to leave the majority of that BS to our friends at Northstar.  Pass holders unite!


Andy Bernard

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