Video and word from Mr. Nate Blouin.

After a long trip to southern Utah with Jeremy Koons (check out the trip report at and my buddy Matt, I rolled back into SLC hoping for a good night sleep and a little sunny shred. It was freezing during the night spent in a tent to get the Southern goods.

I pulled up to the bird around 10, and got pulled over to the bookends by a couple friends, since it just opened. I spent a lot of time there last season but got lazy this year. Today made me remember what I’ve been missing. Once the snow over there manked up it was time for a baldy, but the cham chutes had opened, so i dropped a sweet one in there first. Unfortunately the footage got super overexposed!

Baldy also skied like a dream. The booter from the junior comp was left up so we had a fun time sending that and skiing the chalky goodness of baldy. Thanks to the grooms for not beating up it too much!