A Gulf of Alaska storm dips down and graces Tahoe with it’s presence? It’s actually difficult to believe.  Am I reading this right?  Double check for me.  Here’s’s statement:

7000 FEET

pow powmore blower pow like this, this week?    photo:

It looks like it could be even more than that! Here is what NOAA is saying for elevation 6,281 feet for Wednesday night:

Chance of precipitation is 100%. 
New snow accumulation of 7 to 11 inches possible.

Then check out Thursday day:

Chance of precipitation is 100%. 
New snow accumulation of 3 to 5 inches possible.

I’m no math wizard but the upper end of those Wednesday night and Thursday day totals is 16 inches. And thats at 6,281 feet. What is gonna happen above 7,000 feet?

As you may be able to tell, I’m excited.  After a week of 60F degree temps everyday we are gonna get right back into winter. They are predicting dry snow with 20:1 ratios.  Blower powder in April? I’ll take it.  Of course, that also leaves the serious threat of dust on crust for us.  I’m hoping it comes in a little wetter than they are forecasting and that it gets some serious wind buff on top of it.  That would make for the ideal Squaw skiing scenario:  perfect wind buff all over the mountain and no one out.

It really is gonna be cold.  Arctic air is diving down from Canadia to blast us and give us a high in the valley of only 29F on Thursday.  High’s up on the hill may not get out of the teens!

The temps are looking to normalize the rest of the week with highs in the 40’s instead of the horrible snow-melting 60’s we’ve been experiencing.

More storms forecasted for Sunday night and then next Thursday.  This Thursday storm looks like another Gulf of Alaska storm that just might pack some punch.  I hope you aren’t too sick of skiing powder, because it’s back.


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