Sliding Snow
Sliding Snow

Today was one of those “all-time” days at Stowe.  Unfortunately, my plow guy didn’t come until 2pm and I had chest-high wind drifts down our long driveway, so shoveling out wasn’t going to happen.  I was SO pissed and bummed!  Luckily I had my buddy Curtis up there to report the goods.  Stowe received 18″ – 22″+ overnight and it pounded snow all day.  The day started off with a lot of stuff on wind hold, but the double was running.  About an hour later Lift Ops got the Gondi running and eventually the Quad.  Conditions were epic and blower pow was everywhere.  There were reports of very unstable snow with little slides occurring on steeper slopes and even in the woods (look closely at the featured pic).  According to Curtis, “it was too good to stop and take pictures!”.  Tomorrow is supposed to go Blue Bird so it should make for another epic day at Stowe!

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