Take Back Our Mountain - Silverado Closed Weekdays?

Take Back Our Mountain - Silverado Closed Weekdays?


Take Back Our Mountain - Silverado Closed Weekdays?


Tahoe Backcountry

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Unofficial received this editorial last night along with a note begging us to publish it.

The following editorial is solely the opinion of the author and in no way represents Unofficial Networks’ stance on the subject material.

By:  Anonymous

Yesterday afternoon I received a call from a friend telling me of chilling news. The kind
of news reminiscent of the feelings I had at 7 years old and was told my pet dog had been
run over by a car.

Squaw is CLOSING SILVERADO mid week for the rest of the season.

It was like I was 7 years old again, unable to process the emotions of disappointment and
anger, and the ever present answer as to WHY??? I’ve dug around a little bit in the past

15 hours and here’ s some of the “ facts” that I’ve come up with.

silverado squaw - Tahoe ski reportApparently the decision to do so has been sent down the chain of command from Squaw
Valley USA
’ s “ most hated by employees executive officer,” Mike Livak. Known in
certain circles as the “ Junior Mountain Manager” or more affectionately as #2 (his call #
by position of ranking at Squaw). Which begs the question of who does #2 work for?

Interestingly enough Mr. Livak was hired at the beginning of last season by Nancy
Cushing (now 49% owner of Squaw), long before the mention or idea of KSL (now 51%
owner of Squaw). Its been rumored his salary is well into the 6 figure range, surpassing
the 100K mark. Which begs our 3rd question…..

Why are you shutting down Silverado?

I can’ t help but think its do largely in part to justify his existence as the Junior Mountain
Manager. With KSL coming in, new executives being put in place, and a

FreerideWorldTour/Photo:Dom Daher, Skier:  Reni Barkered

lot of layoffs
and restructuring occurring, old #2 doesn’ t want to get pushed out. If he is doing this to
save $$$$ and make the books look good lets look at some staffing #’ s.

Cost of Running Silverado per day…
4 patrollers –
4 Lifties-
Lift Cost (utility)
offset it by closing solitude….?                                                                                                        

Lets say after grooming the Land Bridge and factoring in other unforeseen expenses, it
costs the resort $250/day (correction $700/day) in Labor to keep it open. Hmmmmm…Where else could you
cut that cost Mike?

A. Dump the early up breakfast that you’ ve been running all season and bleeding to
death on.
B. F$%k spending all the $$$ yesterday and today to fix the C2 lift that NEVER
C. Cut your ridiculous salary by 50K. F$%k that. Quit your job, do us all a favor and
go back to being a ski instructor.
D. Don’ t run Far East every weekend in addition to Red Dog starting at 630 am for
Race Training,
E. Fire half of the HOSTS that stand at the bottom of KT and do absolutely F$%K
F. Should I keep going???

silverado squaw valley usa - tahoe backcountryHenrik Windstedt
Photo: Freerideworldtour/C. Margot

Fact is, this is absolutely RIDICULOUS! How can you generate revenue by taking away
500 acres of the best part of your product? The mountain is why people come to Squaw.
The 500 million in Capital improvements will be great I’ m sure, But what the Fuck are
you thinking closing our best terrain 3 days after an EPIC STORM CYCLE that has filled
in lines with perfect mid-winter blower pow. When the winds pick up and the temps stay
cool, Silverado is the ultimate playground on the mountain.

The decision to close Silverado is one I take personal. It is a slap in the face to every
single pass holder and local. I truly cannot believe this decision has been made and I
pray to God that someone high up at KSL is reading this and does something to reverse
the “ decision.”

Until then….Here is a big middle finger right back at you Squaw.

Pissed off?  Call Squaw and let ’em know:  530-583-6985…PLEASE

Check the Lift Operations Page at Squaw right now.  Silverado is CLOSED!

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