Utah Tragedy - Worst Day Ever

Utah Tragedy - Worst Day Ever


Utah Tragedy - Worst Day Ever


After an amazing early season Mother Nature dealt Utah a harsh blow today in the form of the roughest day I have had in LCC in the last ten seasons.  Old timers were claiming it might have been the worst combo of bad snow, bad light and heavy wind in the last 30 years. That is a tall order in a place that sees some pretty mean storm days. Today could have been the day where you were actually better off in the office. The one day in the last ten years…

Snowbird did not open the Tram today and I heard a rumor that Gad 2 threw a chair. Gad 2 might be broken for a while….Knuckleheads of the world I can hear you cheering. I decided that with the warm temps and lousy vis it would be a better day at Alta. Unfortunately, the Rain Pow had turned to Rain Ice and the hill was a mess. Heavy wind had knocked about half the pine needles at Alta onto the snow, which was helpful while trying to see the ground in front of you in the flat light.

I skied three runs today at Alta. That is two more runs than most people stuck around for. At 10:00am there were more cars leaving the Wildcat lot than there were entering. I am proud of my three little runs, because now I can claim that I skied on the Worst Day Ever. I have skied on the Best Day ever  hundreds of times at Alta and Snowbird, and now I have finally found their exact opposite. Lets all pray for a little snow. We are going to need it.

P.S. Stay out of the backcountry for a few days. I think it will be super dangerous and Superior looks like it slid to the dirt in some places.

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