La Grave: A Skier's Journey Ep2

La Grave: A Skier's Journey Ep2

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La Grave: A Skier's Journey Ep2


The second in a series of 3 ski-travel episodes (Ep1: Kashmir – A Skier’s Journey / Ep3: Freshfield Icefield – A Skier’s Journey), skiers Chad Sayers and Tobin Seagel continue their worldly winter journey arriving in La Grave, France – home to the Téléphérique La Grave-La Meije, a quirky yet stalwart cable car that transports skiers to 3200m, high in the Southern French Alps.

Here, the terrain is wild, unmarked, and unpatrolled – a stripped down, raw version of big mountain skiing. With 2km of vertical drop, a simple ski run journeys through a labyrinth of glaciers, couloirs, and forest glades. Local freerider Bruno Florit, and UIAGM mountain guide Joe Vallone share how unique and special La Grave is, but also reveal the respect a skier must have for the mountain when in search of such deep rewards.
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Production – Jordan Manley
Skiers – Chad Sayers, Chad Manley, Tobin Seagel, and Jordan Manley (POV)
Narration – Chad Sayers, Bruno Florit, and Joe Vallone
Animation – Chad Manley
Music – “Comme des enfants (Le Matos Remix)” and “Fondu au noir” by Cœur de pirate
“Moth” by Brian Borcherdt
Audio post-production – Marlowe Northcott
Special thanks to Michel Morere, Téléphérique La Grave-La Meije

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