The Best Winter, Travel and Ski Photos of 2009/2010 - Part 2

The Best Winter, Travel and Ski Photos of 2009/2010 - Part 2


The Best Winter, Travel and Ski Photos of 2009/2010 - Part 2


Some of the best Unofficial Photos from the 2009 – 2010 winter ski season.

Ski Photos

The Clipper Adventurer off the cost of Anvers Island Antarctica. photo by Timothy Konrad

“I will never forget waking up this morning to the sight of Anvers Island and the surrounding glaciers. When I steeped out onto the deck Jeremy Jones was already eyeing up his line which you can see just above the ship and slightly to the right. You can also see this line in Jeremy’s Film Deeper.”

Sunset in the Mountains

Looking up at the peaks of Chamonix, France. photo by Timothy Konrad

“The Alps rise very dramatically from the valley floor of Chamonix, France. On winter afternoons, when you have already been out of the rays of the sun for hours, the high peaks of the Alps glow in beautiful soft light.”


One Big Happy Family.

During the first week of December 2009 we were lucky enough to head up to Juneau, Alaska just after an early season storm with Kevin Quinn and  Jason Mack of Points North Heli. From Left to right: Grag Martin, Nik Sullivan, Tim Dutton, John Lange, Tim Konrad, Mattias Sullivan, Ralph Backstrom, Arne Backstrom and Kevin Quinn.  photo by Jason Mack

Sunrise in Alaska

Sunrise in Juneau, Alaska photo by Ralph Backstom

Because of the trajectory of the sun in the higher latitudes sunrises and sunsets seem to go on for hours. This was our first morning in Alaska during this trip and dramatic sunrise over Juneau airport made of a great photo.

Helicopter at Sunrise

A few moments later after Sunrise in Juneau, Alaska photo by Ralph Backstrom


Alaska Glacier outside Juneau. photo by Timothy Konrad

White Party

The White Party onboard The Clipper Adventurer off the coast of Antarctica. photo by Ralph Backstrom


Snow White Peak, Antarctica photo by Timothy Konrad

I was standing at the edge of the water looking at all the penguins when I turned around to see Squaw local, Glen Poulsen, making his way up the glacier with his team. I maxed out my zoom and snapped this shot. That night when I was looking back over my photos from the day the optical illusion of the zoom compressing the shot made it look as if  Snow White Peak, which was miles away, was rising right out the snow field.


Sunset over a very frigid Antarctica photo by Timothy Konrad

It was well past midnight when I fired off this shot as we headed up the north coast of Antarctica.


Another sunset shot from the bottom of the world. photo by Ralph Backstrom


Sunset over the high Atlas Mountains of Morocco, Africa. photo by Timothy Konrad


Living the good life in Africa. Pools, hot tubs and helicopters. photo by Timothy Konrad


Early morning flight over Moscow, Russia. photo buy Tim Konrad

We were on our way to Sochi, Russia for the first stop of the Freeride World tour when we flew over downtown Moscow. The amount of smoke stacks billowing out smoke that cold morning was truly unbelievable.

Arne at Heavenly

Arne Backstrom enjoying a quiet moment at Heavenly, Lake Tahoe.

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