Summer skiing @ Timberline Lodge.
Summer skiing @ Timberline Lodge. Credit: Timberline Lodge via Facebook

MOUNT HOOD, Oregon – If you’re looking for a good listen while driving to work, going for a run, or just enjoying a bit of a rest outside, check out Explore Oregon‘s Summer skiing on Mount Hood, even during an extreme heatwave. The podcast is focused on what one should expect when skiing Timberline Lodge, and while it’s mostly pointed towards the person that knows nothing about Palmer Snowfield, there are some good insights and interviews throughout. This is available on most podcast streaming services, so if you’re hoping to download it on Spotify or Apple Music, do it.

In this episode, host Zach Urness talks with outdoor intern Emma Logan about summer skiing at Timberline Lodge and Ski Area on Mount Hood. Timberline offers the only place to ski in the middle of the summer in North America. From the top of the Palmer snowfield, skiers stand at over 8,000 feet and are immediately transported back into a winter state of mind. This episode includes an interview with John Burton, the Director of Marketing and Public Affairs of Timberline. Logan and Burton discuss the history of summer skiing on Mount Hood, the elite level training and what anyone should know before heading out and giving it a try.

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