Stellar Chile helicopter skiing.
Stellar Chile helicopter skiing.

CHILE – Chile has had an epic early ski season. Valle Nevado, for example, saw an insane 6 feet of snow in just 7 days during June. So if you, like many powder-hungry skiers and snowboarders across the world, are thinking about heading to the Southern Hemisphere for a few weeks this summer, let me plant a little seed in your head and recommend an unforgettable heli-skiing adventure while your in the neighborhood.

Stellar Adventure Travel has quite the Chilean trip available to those looking for a killer week in the mountains. The trip begins in Farellones, where, for days 1-3, you’ll enjoy some resort skiing at one of three mountains. A helicopter will remain on standby throughout these few days, but they should really be thought of us a warmup to the rest of the week.

Stellar provides the ultimate South American experience by establishing heli in/out lodging whether we are in the Mountains, downtown Santiago, or at the beach. We will begin our week at the mountain lodge in Farellones where we will warm up the ski legs on one of three ski resorts. We will then transition our focus to helicopter skiing the rest of the week while having snowmobiles on standby as backup.

Between the fourth and eighth day, the focus moves towards the helicopter. Heli-skiing will start in the mountains, but an option exists to move into the city of Santiago for the final few days. While in the city, the weather will determine whether the mountains or the waves are the right choice, with a potential for an overnight on the pacific coast.

Stellar Chile helicopter skiing.
Stellar Chile helicopter skiing.

5-7 nights at a mountain house/hotel, with two nights at the W Hotel (if desired) are included in the package, in addition to resort skiing and private helicopter standby. Plus, a private chef will provide three gourmet meals a day, and heavily experienced guides and pilots are on board for the trip.

Stellar offers four trips throughout the summer, one from August 3-10, one from August 10-17, one from August 17-24, and one from August 24-31. If you’re interested, you can inquire for more information here.

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