A Canadian man rescued a fawn stuck in mud.
A Canadian man rescued a fawn stuck in mud.

NEW BRUNSWICK, Canada – If you ever find an animal in distress, your first action should be to call local game wardens or wildlife services. Even if it’s a baby deer, let the professionals take care of it. If the professionals are unwilling to take care of it, well, then do you what you need to do, like this guy in New Brunswick did.

“My neighbors called the game wardens to come save a fawn stuck in the very thick mud in a swampy lake behind my house then 3 showed up and said they couldn’t do it and that there was no way and were going to let it die in the mud, so I said f**k that and went down in my rubber boats and a 15-year-old canoe that’s been outside for years in the winter too and a paddle then paddle out to the stuck dawn by myself and saved it by putting it in my canoe and bringing it back to shore. Just leave it to a Canadian redneck to save a deer in a canoe.”

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