Unwritten rules of ski etiquette according to Reddit.
Unwritten rules of ski etiquette according to Reddit.

You may be aware of the Skier Responsibility Code which was first developed in 1962 to keep skiers safe on the slopes but there is an entire world of ski etiquette that isn’t formally recognized but comes into play every time you leave the parking lot and head for the chairlifts. Proper ski etiquette becomes somewhat second nature the more time you spend on the slopes but its always nice to have refresher and we have reddit/r/skiing to thank for this comprehensive list of “Unwritten Rules.” This is a pretty extensive list but there’s surely somethings left out. Let us know what you think.

-If someone crashes and rolls down, bring their lost gear to them. No one wants to climb up to recover that lost ski/pole

-If you don’t know where you’re going…don’t go first.

-When someone has fallen and they’re alone, stop to see if they’re okay/need help.

-A five year old always has the right of way. 

-Don’t stop in the middle of a catwalk.

-If there’s an accident use your skis to mark a “safe” area (X shaped).

-When exiting the lift, be aware of where you stop to tighten your boots and loop your poles. So many people stop right in the middle of the lift exit.

-How to pack a lift chair when there’s a decent sized line stacked up.

-Give a warning before pulling down the bar on a lift chair

-Don’t sit right underneath a knoll where uphill skiers can’t see you.

-Lift line music should be left up to lifties.

-If you want to smoke on the lift ask first.

-Don’t bang into or run over someone’s skis/board while moving in line.

-Don’t fly up on little kids.

-Just because the responsibility code gives downhill skiers the right of way, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make predictable turns and look over your shoulder before switching lanes. Ski like you would drive on a 2-3 lane highway.

Image/Video Credits: Maison Sport

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