Downtown Aspen, Colorado. Credit: Daniel Case, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

ASPEN, Colorado – It’s no secret that ski resort real estate is becoming some of the most expensive in the world, but to see it already so close to number one in the United States sends a shiver down my back. The two most expensive houses sold so far in 2024 in the U.S. were both is Aspen, with 112 W Hopkins Ave sitting at #1. On April 26 of this year, the five bedroom, six-and-a-half bath, 6,180 square foot home sold for $66,508,300.

1001 Ute Avenue in Aspen, originally on sale for $75,000,000

The second most expensive home sale this year, according to Forbes, was 210 S West End St in Aspen, going for $48,750,000 on April 25. This home has seven bedrooms and seven-and-a-half bathrooms, and it’s located just three blocks away from Aspen’s downtown. The property spans a total of 8,184-square-foot.

The entire list of the top ten most expensive homes sold in the United States so far in 2024 is as follows:

  1. Aspen, Colorado: 6,180-square-foot, five-bedroom, $66.5 million
  2. Aspen, Colorado: 8,184-square-foot, seven-bedroom, $48.7 million
  3. Medina, Washington: 13,590-square-foot, five-bedroom, $38.9
  4. Kihei, Hawaii: 4,762-square-foot, three-bedroom, $38.5 million
  5. Newport Coast, California: 18,336-square-foot, six-bedroom, $38 million
  6. Las Vegas, Nevada: 11,427-square-foot, four-bedroom, $35 million
  7. Hobe Sound, Florida: 9,319-square-foot, five-bedroom, $33 million
  8. San Marino, California: 13,706-square-foot, five-bedroom, $30 million
  9. Malibu, California: 16,489-square-foot, six-bedroom, $28.5 million
  10. New York, New York: 6,000-square-foot, five-bedroom, $28 million

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