Black bear relaxes on a pool floaty.

MONROVIA, California – Ricardo Martinez and Brian Gordon are pretty darn used to seeing bears in their backyard. So used to it, in fact, that they have a whole Instagram account dedicated to sightings, Maddie Bear and friends. This black bear, who they’ve named ‘Punky Bear’, decided a little pool day was in order, enjoying a cupcake shaped floaty for a bit.

Has anyone ever seen a bear on a floaty??? Well, check out Punky Bear chilling and catching rays on this cupcake shaped pool float! 🤣 Loving her chill and cool 😎 style

While this is cool, you should never try to attract bears to your house or backyard. These guys make it clear that they aren’t attempting to bring the animals in, and they know how to behave in order to keep themselves and the animals safe.

But if you live in bear country, you need to be very careful with bear attractants, keeping food, garbage, pet food, and anything else smelly inside and in a place where bears can’t get to it or smell it (not in your car!). Cary bear spray when you’re headed outside, and know how to use it. Make sure you’re well versed in bear safety and keep your dogs and other pets on a leash.

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