Home in the Appalachian Mountains

While some of the most expensive real estate in the country can be found in the mountains of the west where billionaires snap up property like its going out of style, The Appalachian region has faced generations of persistent economic poverty due to several interconnected factors. These elements include a dependance on extractive industries (coal/lumber) that made the region vulnerable when those industries hit the skids, limited infrastructure development due to harsh terrain and exploitation of the working class. Its a multifaceted problem that is difficult to wrap your head around but a good place to start is simply getting to know the Appalachian people. Follow along with Peter Santenello as he travels from West Virginia to Kentucky meet the folks living in down and out towns to hear their stories.

Peter Santenello is a videographer and storyteller renowned for his immersive travel documentaries. Through his engaging content, he offers viewers a unique perspective on diverse cultures and lifestyles worldwide. Santenello’s authentic approach and ability to connect with people from various backgrounds make his videos compelling and informative.

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