The Teva Aventrail

U.S.A. – If you’ve ever had the desire to feel the wind flowing through your toes while going for a run on the beautiful trails of nature, Teva’s got the shoes for you. The Teva Aventrail brings their classic sandal look into the world of trail running, letting you hit the trails while still feeling like the raft guide you wish you were.

The Aventrails come in two color styles for both men and women. The men’s have a sleek black/red/charcoal option and a flashy green/blue total eclipse/green flash option. while the women’s include a clean marshmellow/marigold option and a bright burnt olive/vivid violent option. Both the men’s and women’s shoes run for $145.

The Aventrail combines the airiness of a sandal with the comfort, responsiveness and propulsion of a trail running shoe, delivering an entirely new sensation of freedom while running and adventuring outdoors. Outfitted with a W Strapping System for secure, customizable lockdown and the HYPER-COMF midsole technology for cushioned underfoot comfort, this sandal is built to run free.

In addition to the W Strapping System and HYPER-COMF technology in the sole, the sandals include tired traction lugs so you stay plenty in control on the trails and a Durable Spider Rubber® outsole with cut outs to reduce weight. It’s recommended that, if you’re new to running in sandals, you wear socks to start. But once you get used to the new lockdown points, it’s up to you if you want to go sockless.

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