The world's most hostile surf destinations.

I’ve surfed a very little amount through my lift, so I’m not super in touch with surf culture, but the hostility in the sport has always surprised me a bit. Sure, not every surfer is hostile, and not every hostile surfer is hostile for no reason. And I do, to an extent, understand the hostility surrounding favorite surf spots. But it seems like you hear more about the hostility in surfing than you do in any other outdoor sport (except the hostility between skiers and snowboarders, but that’s 100% understandable). Surfer Dan Harmon goes over the most “localized”, or really the most hostile, surf destinations in the world.

Hey guys! In my years of surf travel, I’ve found some places to be friendlier than others when it comes to surfing and localism. While it’s not fair to categorise an entire country as “localised” or hostile, in my experience, these destinations are some of the most localised. (Please don’t let this video put you off visiting some of these places; at most spots, you’ll be fine). Let me know of any experiences you’ve had!!

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