Las Leñas, Argentina

Las Leñas, Argentina, is buried in snow, experiencing the most early season snowfall in decades. The winter wonderland is set to open its lifts on June 29th, offering skiers and snowboarders some of the best skiing in the world (no exaggeration) . The heavy snow accumulation promises incredible conditions. As one of the premier ski resorts in South America, Las Leñas is ready after being forced to delay it’s opening due to avalanches and road closures.

So if you have ever dreamed of skiing in South America, this is the season to pull the trigger. I spent 5 seasons in Las Leñas and when it’s good, there is no where better in the world to be skiing during the months of July and August. Go get it!

Official Statement from Las Leñas:

Dear all, we were excited about the pre-opening on Thursday 20/6, we put a lot of effort preparing the mountain but unfortunately the weather conditions made it impossible to do it. It was such a magnitude the accumulation of snow that even the access road had to be closed by the provincial authorities, in fact it is being worked on the R222 but it will still remain cut until the end of this storm due to the danger of avalanche (which eventually happened)

Thank you to all our visitors, collaborators, friends and suppliers for understanding the situation and having full confidence that in this kind of natural events, for us, safety comes first.

We want to ratify our will for the official opening date to be 6/29 as communicated timely, with the enormous joy of kicking off a season that hopefully will be as we are all imagining. We are expecting you with a lot, but a lot of snow all over the mountain and of course hoping the weather conditions will be with us.

Once again, on behalf of all of us who do Valle de Las Leñas S.A. we thank you for choosing us!!

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