A grizzly attacks a trailer after being released into the Montana wilderness.

MONTANA – If I found myself suddenly trapped in a tight cylinder in the middle of the woods I’d be pretty pissed off, just like the male grizzly at the end of this video. The whole video is a compilation of several grizzly bear releases by the Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks. It’s all worth a watch.

The next two videos show the same release the second adult male grizzly bear. This bear was more aggressive but was safely released and left the site after the FWP staff honked the truck horn. This reaction is not typical for most releases but shows why grizzly bears must be respected and why FWP is always extra cautious when working with grizzly bears.

If you start the video at 30 seconds, you’ll see a darn hefty bear scaring itself with its own weight, as it causes the entire trailer to tip over. But again, all of the clips are worth a watch, as it’s just a bunch of bears running free.

Pretty interesting to see how they react to the honking horn, and how that seems to always get them to run away.

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