Utah — Utah had another snowy winter, which means that there has been a lot of runoff coming through the Cottonwood Canyons over the past month or so.

KSL reports that a couple of trails in Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon have been affected by the high runoff.

The most affected trail by this runoff in Little Cottonwood Canyon is White Pine Lake Trail. Due to the runoff, the White Pine Trail Bridge is currently closed and will remain out of service until August 14th. The trail remains open, but you’ll have to go around the bridge, which sounds like you’ll get wet.

Zinnia Wilson, recreation program manager for the US Forest Service, said the following to KSL about the closure:

“At the end of last week when we started getting reports of people running into scary situations, so we actually closed down the bridge..It was very much a public safety thing. We will open as soon as the hazard is reduced enough that we feel we can let people make their own choices out there.”

One of Big Cottonwood Canyon’s most popular trails is also experiencing flooding. Donut Falls has a detour due to a bridge recently washing away from the flooding. They plan to replace the bridge, but the planning and building process will take a few years.

Image/Video Credits: Wasatch National Forest, KSL, Ian Wood

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