Aussie man jumps in the water after his fishing rod.

We all have that piece of equipment that we’d do everything we could to make sure we never lose it. Maybe it’s a ski that you’ll dig around in waist deep snow for hours to find. Maybe it’s a fishing lure that you’d climb a tree to get back, rather than just cutting the line. Or maybe it’s like this guy’s fishing rod, which he’d rather jump in the water to return than just letting the fish take it.

Upon arriving at the reef the weather was amazing and I set up my favorite outfit a 14k Shimano Stella, Missing At Sea Pe8 casting rod and 150 death wobble. I had just put a cast straight onto a stirred up school of fusiliers and gave the rod to my partner Bianca when a GT inhaled the stick bait. I had the drag set as I normally would for myself and this proved a lot too much for my girl! I managed to retrieve the rod and get back into the boat, got the rod back in my hands and had a visual of the fish when the hooks let go.

To be fair, the Shimano Stella is a pretty darn pricy reel, so I wouldn’t lose it either. That whole set up is fairly pricy in general. I think I would be jumping in after it if I was him. If only he managed to actually catch the fish, this whole video would be 100 times more epic.

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