Black bear wanders the paths of Vail.

VAIL, Colorado – This black bear was looking a bit hungry as he wandered through the streets of Vail, approaching the Big Bear Bistro potentially in search of a nice breakfast sandwich.

The poor bear seems pretty spooked, but it seems like most of the people in the video did close to the right thing in this incident. They didn’t try to approach the bear, and they gave him as much space as possible. You can see most people are just about backed against a wall while filming. The only guy I would question is the guy at the end, who nearly blocks off the bear’s path back to nature, but he moves out of the way pretty quickly when he realizes what’s going on.

As a reminder, if you encounter a black bear, never approach it. Back away slowly, being sure not to run, and (if the bear has already seen you) identify yourself as a human. Wave your arms and yell “hey bear” to make it leave. If it continues to approach, spray it with bear spray. You can learn more about the BearWise basics here.

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