Utah — The Beehive State is more likely than not to host the 2034 Winter Olympics & Paralympics. In November, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) selected Utah as the preferred host. This year, the state has had various meetings with the IOC, including tours of the potential venues. Now, a predicted price tag for these games has been revealed.

The Associated Press reports that the expected operations cost will be $2.83 billion, with an overall cost of nearly $4 billion. In comparison, the operating costs for the 2002 games were $2.84 billion, which has been adjusted for inflation. The games are predicted to produce roughly $4 billion in revenue. You can watch the budget overview video explaining the costs here.

The good news for local taxpayers is that they won’t be footing the bill, as the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee pays for hosting the games. In addition, despite 40% more events compared to 2002, no new venues will be needed to be built over the next decade.

For more information about the expected costs, check out KSL’s video below.

Image/Video Credits: Jake Weirick, Salt Lake 2034, KSL

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