The ultimate stealth camper van.

With hotels and short term rentals costing so much, van camping might be the best way to see this country. But even parking can be difficult to find in some areas, with van camping bans existing in a whole host of parking lots and towns across the country. That’s where stealth camping comes into play. Sleeping in your car or van, but in secret. Evan‘s stealth camper van might just be the best one we’ve ever seen.

Hello! My name is Evan and this is my tour of the stealth camper that I converted with the help of my dad. I lived out of this van for a whole year in San Francisco and currently live in Santa Cruz. My dad is a carpenter and with his help, I was able to create the cabinets which is the foundation of the conversion. I designed and built the entire plumbing and electrical system. This van is completely off-grid with a fully self-sustaining electrical system and a complete plumbing system. Despite how small the Nissan NV200 is, I was able to have a decent amount of storage space, due to the fact that I sacrificed the entire floor space.

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