The Michipicoten. Credit: USCG Great Lakes

THUNDER BAY, Ontario – A collision with an unknown object caused the 689-foot bulk carrier Michipicoten to take on water at around 7 a.m. Saturday in Lake Superior. According to the U.S. Coast Guard, the boat was able to safely anchor in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Half of the 22 member crew was removed from the vessel with assistance from National Park Service boat from Isle Royale, while ship pumps were able to reduce the vessel’s listing from the originally reported 15 degrees down to 5 degrees.

According to the US Coast Guard Great Lakes X account (formerly Twitter), the Michipicoten was carrying taconite on Lake Superior, a low-grade iron ore that’s frequently mined in Minnesota.

CNN reports that the US Coast Guard and Transport Canada are set to conduct an investigation into the cause of the hull damage, though nothing indicates that there were any obstructions in the navigable channels. No injuries were reported through the incident.

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