Zion National Park's reminder to stay safe in the heat.

ZION NATIONAL PARK, Utah – The staff at Zion National Park found a pretty amazing way to remind us to stay safe in the heat, parodying everyone’s favorite office sitcom (The Office). Ranger Dalton has says the same lines every time it gets hot out, so the other rangers bet on how many he’ll say.

As we start heating up as the Summer weather moves into Zion its important to properly prepare to experience hot desert conditions.

The desert is an extreme environment. Carry enough water, at least 1 gallon per person per day. You can refill your water bottles at the Visitor Centers, Museum, Campgrounds, Zion Lodge, and some Shuttle Stops, including The Grotto, and Temple of Sinawava. Do not drink water from streams or rivers.

If you do not properly hydrate, you could get heat exhaustion and in worse cases, heat stroke. Take breaks in the shade, drink electrolytes and eat salty snacks.

Protect yourself from the Sun! Check the UV ratings for the day. UV levels in Zion consistently reach over 8 and even over 10. This means that you can burn under 20 or even under 10 minutes without sunscreen. Apply sunscreen regularly, wear a hat to shade your face and neck, where sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Start your hikes early in the morning. Avoid hiking during the hottest part of the day, which is the mid to late afternoon. Remember: take breaks in shade.

If you start experiencing clammy skin, headaches, or feeling weak, dizzy, or nauseous, find a cool spot in shade to rest and hydrate immediately!

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