Wyoming Teton Pass has had a rough week. It started with road damage, although they were able to reopen promptly.

Then, a mudslide came through at milepost 15, and the landslide caused cracks in the road at milepost 12.8. The road was expected to be closed throughout Friday and Saturday. And then…

The road completely fell apart. A landslide caused a catastrophic failure at milepost 12.8 on Teton Pass, outright destroying a portion of the road. The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) was working on a detour around this area when the road collapsed. Luckily, no people or equipment were hurt.

There’s no timeframe for reopening, but it’s obviously a very important road for Idaho and Wyoming. The road is pivotal for workers and tourists who commute to Jackson, Driggs, and other tourist hubs in the area. In the meantime, they’ll have to use US-26 in Idaho and Wyoming, which adds considerable time to their commutes.

Official statements from WYDOT Director Darin Westby and Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon are below.

Image/Video Credits: WYDOT Teton County

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